Organizational Growth and Effectiveness

Corporate Training

AMT held its second corporate training session for the year 2022 on Friday. The topic at hand was Organization Growth and Employees Effectiveness headed by our Head of HR & OD Mr Zafar Ullah Zahid. The session aimed to boost AMT employees' productivity, enhancing their effectiveness. The session discussed traits of an effective member of an organization, the Kaizen Award, planning vs strategy, work huddles, and accepting change.

The difference between teaching and training is the implementation of knowledge. For this, the speaker engaged all trainees in various activities for a potent workshop.

These activities included

Mental Power Activity- In this activity, each trainee was given 3 minutes to come up with as many words starting with S and ending with Y as they could. The result varied greatly from 5-23 words. This showed that each individual has a different mental capability and their own speed of performing a task.

Listen to the Unsung- A fun teamwork game was played consisting of two teams. The game was an office version of charades. The shortest duration for the team to explain the word given by the opponent team to its player won. This game was a prime example of teamwork, leadership, huddling, and motivation.

The trainees were also shown multiple short videos which conveyed the message of the importance of huddling and the necessary acceptance of change.

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