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Employee's Effectiveness For Organisational Growth

Meaningful and sustainable employee growth relies on robust learning and development opportunities. As an expanding company, we aim to give the best possible opportunities to our employees for which it had been an honor for us to have Zafar Ullah Zahid Head of HR & OD AMT Electric Private Limited. He conducted a corporate training session on #Organizational_Growth_Through_Employees_Effectiveness for AMT family. A staunch belief that learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment which, in turn, boosts our confidence in our own capabilities.

The presenter engaged us in multiple activities which resulted in a highly interactive and thought-provoking session. Basic takeaway from it was:

1. How to make yourself valuable
2. Key characteristics of a good career
3. Attitude of an employee
4. Think outside of the box
5. Failures and Successes
6. How to have a winning organizational culture
7. Team development
8. Difference between manpower and mind power
9. How to not panic in difficult situations but rather find a way out
10. Career visualization

These points will aid you in your professional career development the way it has proved effective for our employees. This is an open secret we’re sharing with you, you will share it with your friend and so on and so forth everyone will benefit by a few points we told today!

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